This is often the worst fear of buyers, but even if your real estate agent comes back and tells you that your offer has been rejected, it doesn’t mean that you’re never going to live in that home. It simply means that you need to start negotiating if you still want the home. Those negotiations may begin with you offering more money for the home but they can often include the seller taking on the closing costs, or making repairs that perhaps you would have been willing to overlook for the first price. While no one wants their first offer rejected, it can be a real opportunity when it is.

Just remember that during negotiations, it can be easy to lose sight of the end goal and emotions can make you start to value the home more just because it’s so difficult to get. Don’t let that happen. Keep a clear head, only offer as much as you want to or can afford, and don’t be willing to give in to the demands you have that are the most important for you.

I bring dedication, commitment, and professionalism into my real estate career as I help clients find their next home or sell their home.

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